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cebas' Latest Collaboration is Legendary Indeed!

Blur Studio Brings out Magnificence with its tP Work on League of Legends!

FX Supervisor - Seung Jae Lee - of Blur Studio recently gave cebas an exclusive interview about his brilliant work on LoL.More about this

Compact, Fast & Robust: Meet moskitoRender™

Comes with NO materials of its own, yet supports ALL of the 1,300 materials from the Autodesk Material Library & the standard 3ds Max materials.

moskitoRender™ is the first full-featured GPU renderer for 3ds Max with the least amount of hardware & creative restrictions of all GPU-only renderers on the market!More about this

finalRender 3.5: Updated with a NEW Service Pack and Optimized for 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design 2014 Compatibility!

Our plugins upgrades continues announcing the release of SP 13 and 3ds Max 2014 compatibility for finalRender 3.5 as well as for the integrated and standalone finalToon 3.5.

The new build fixes minor issues found in finalToon and finalRender that have to do with materials, IES lighting and Camera support.More about this

thinkingParticles: The Cool Tool of Choice for the New Batman - Arkham Origins' Cinematics!

Speed. Accuracy. Flexibility.

thinkingParticles proved -yet again- to be the cool tool of choice for Blur Studio (amongst many others) when simulating accurate and physically correct particle effects.

Matt Radford - FX Artist at Blur Studio - talked to us about the studio's involvement and his role particularly using tPMore about this
Meet cebas' NEW Rendering Solution
Now Available: finalRender 3.5 Trial Version for 3ds Max 2013 - 2014!
finalRender 3.5 SP 13 for 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design 2014
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Batman - Arkham Origins: The latest from Blur and cebas in the World of Game Cinematics! cebas' Latest Collaboration is Legendary Indeed! thinkingParticles in the Action Packed "White House Down"! tP Shows off its version of Sexy in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn II thinkingParticles in The Avengers!
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Training Video
The Light Condition Node found in thinkingParticles is explained in this video.
This Video explains the InGroup Condition Node found in thinkingParticles.
This video explains the use of the TimeInterval node in thinkingParticles.
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finalToon™ 3.5
$ 495

psd-manager 3
$ 189

thinkingParticles 5.0
$ 1795

finalRender™ 3.5 SE
$ 1295

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