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finalToon R3

Line Types - The Power Lines





The illustration shown above, uses multiple line styles.  Technical illustrations do represent various details of a 3D construction by using different line thickness values, for example.  The outline of an object or shell is usually drawn with a thicker line stroke than "interior" lines.



Now, the hidden lines are visible in a different color along with the intersection lines which also use a different color.  Hidden lines are great to show the true volume of a construction.



Another important line type is the angle dependend line.  Round or free form surfaces can be easily "outlined" with this line type.  As you can see in the illustration above, the inner area shows the lines now.



If the angle line type is adjusted to show all edges in an object you get a wire frame rendering, but with the great advantage of hidden line removal!



finalToon offers a lot of basic line types on which you can build up unlimited variations.  In the illustration above there are just a few of them.

01 Solid Line
02 Noise Line
03 Noise Opacity Line
04 Noise Thickness Line
05 Thickness Pressure Line
06 Opacity Pressure Line
07 Dashed Line small
08 Phantom Line
09 Center Line
10 Dashed Line big

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