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finalRender R3

Interactive Renderer (short:IR)

finalRender R3 offers a special rendering mode called Interactive Rendering (short: IR); this mode uses a highly modified renderer based on the exact same core of finalRender with enhanced render buffering features.  In its first incarnation, several important features are already running through an intelligent buffer to actively avoid re-calculation whenever possible.

The implementation of this IR mode is realized through 3ds Max's own Active Shade interface of which many may have never used or been aware.  There is a good reason why this cool feature has been invisible to the users for so many years in 3ds Max - there was just no one offering a renderer that took advantage of Active Shade.  finalRender R3 is the first rendering system to use the Active Shade interface to its full extent and way beyond its original design!


The main advantages finalRender has to offer through IR are:

  • Full Interactive Support of all Materials and Shaders
  • Full Interactive Support of all Light Types
  • Full Interactive Support of all Shadow Types
  • Full Interactive Support of all Secondary Rendering Effects


 Interactive Rendering Viewport
Illustration above: Interactive Rendering in 3ds Max Viewport with full shading support

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