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finalRender R3

Physical Camera

finalRender R3 offers new camera options and settings with every standard 3ds Max camera object in the scene.  With fR Physical Camera, the user can "see" (render) the scene with the eyes (lenses) of a real world photo camera.

This extra camera rollout menu defines the physical (real world) parameters of the camera model used in finalRender, individually adjustable for each camera in the scene.  A realtime preview window allows for the adjustment of nearly every parameter; the influence on the image can be seen at the same time . 

By using the physical camera model, the rendering process of finalRender is automatically switched into "real world physics and optics" mode without the need of the user to do any other complex interactions with the software. One example of this "real world" mode is proper handling of energy levels and light transport in a scene; the finalRender skylight will automatically use real world intensity values, as well as standard 3ds Max light sources, and will be "turned" into photometric lights with proper energy levels (foot-candle or lux).


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