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finalRender R3

fR-Dome Light

finalRender R3 introduces a new Image Based Lighting (IBL) light type called fR-Dome.  This new light type is especially useful to achieve one important task that would be hard to achieve with any other illumination method in finalRender: it creates crisp, well defined and accurate shadows based on HDR Image data.  Important areas of an image are detected by using special image content analyzing methods.  The image is automatically searched for the illumination levels created by direct light as well as the remaining light energy usually treated as the ambient light amount.

The Dome light source is very flexible and may be used in many combinations with GI or without GI, or with its own special animation mode.  HDR-Image values are the base of all calculations done in the fR-Dome light.


 fR-Dome LIght

fR-DomeLight using HDR sky texture (detecting sun)

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