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finalRender R3

Documentation and Training


finalRender R3 is packed with documentation and training for new and advanced users.  Every registered  finalRender user is able to access the "Living Manual" pages on this Web-Portal to get the latest up-to-date Manual of finalrender R3 and R3 SE !  This "Living Manual" from cebas is another new approach, to ensure a constant flow of information and support, whenever it becomes available.  This includes a huge full color manual with live updates and full explanations of every parameter, general workflow topics that describ how raytrace rendering works, and tutorials to get you started.

Sample Scenes

finalRender also ships with a huge amount of sample scenes, showing the setup of almost every feature.  Simply browse through these scenes and see how to setup any particular effect.

Training Videos

New Video training is continually being released.  finalRender R3 has over 5 hours of (free) training on it's website and there is MUCH MUCH more to come.  With all of these items, finalRender makes it easy for beginners to start, or for more advanced users to delve into more complex topics.


Click on the image below to get all the fRee training!




finalRender R3 ships with over 150 presets!  These presets help get you up to speed quickly and provide a base point from which to work.

  • 29 fR-Architectual Material Presets
  • 39 Advanced material Presets
  • 53 Rendering Presets
  • 34 finalToon Presets


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