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finalRender R3


True 3D Micro Triangle Displacement

Micro Triangle Displacement is an advanced rendering method, that enables the creation of more surface detail for models, by generating and displacing extra triangles.  The really amazing aspect of MTD in finalRender R3 is that the extra triangles are created, only at render time, which means that even 100 million Micro-Triangles will not gobble up your system's memory.  finalRender's Micro-Triangles only exist for a short time and will only be created as they are needed, to render each bucket.

Click on the image to see a larger rendering


MTD Modifier

finalRender R3 has significantly improved its MTD, thanks to the  MTD modifier.  You can choose to use rendertime displacement, modifier based displacement, or both!  The MTD modifier is extremely fast and flexible.  It truly opens new doors for production workflow and effects.

Objects can be affected by displaced objects because they are visible in the viewport at any resolution.  Another advantage of the MTD modifier is that there is no render time increase every time "render" is pressed.  The only action that needs to be taken is to pass the pre-calculated mesh off to the render, just like any other large mesh in the scene.  Lastly, the MTD modifier enables layered and stackable MTD, as well as interaction with other 3ds Max modifiers.


The MTD core!

The MTD core has been enhanced for finalRender R3; it still shares its robust core known from R2.  A much higher level of quality and speed can now be achieved with the MTD systems, allowing for a much larger range of possibilities.



True 3D Micro Triangle Displacement

finalRender R3 offers real 3D displacement

finalRender's Micro Triangle Displacement helps create more truly realistic surfaces than before.  As anyone would expect, MTD is also supported by Global Illumination and other raytracing effects.

The images shown below illustrate various MTD options, along with finalRender's GI.  Just look at the difference the MTD has made on the final images.



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