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finalRender R3

Sub Surface Scattering (SSS)

What is SSS?

Sub-Surface Scattering describes a real world effect appearing on and in different kinds of materials. Now, with finalRender R3, many objects, not limited to transparent objects like glass, are able to transport light through their volumes in an even better way than before!



finalRender Stage-0 was the first commercially available rendering system which introduced true sub-surface light scattering to 3ds Max.  finalRender Stage-1 went one step further by offering an even more enhanced volumetric light scattering algorithm than before.  Now, in finalRender R3, light can be scattered in a truly diffuse way, like it was possible in R2 but with more control and less memory consumption.  For example, objects inside a volume will add to the light scattering effects.  This effect is expected from diffuse illumination and will create the known "volume glow" or halo effect inside of semi-transparent liquids.



The method of storing volume sample information, introduced with finalRender R2, has also been enhanced in finalRender R3, which is now faster and more stable in animations, offering better self-adjustment.  This method of collecting and creating volume data makes sure that an animation creates the lowest amount of changes in the light scattering result for each frame.  In addition, scenes that use secondary SSS rays are now much cleaner and do not require as many rays to achieve a smooth result.



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