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finalRender R3

Large Scale Rendering

finalRender R3 offers many advanced memory handling features that you will not find in many renderers on the market.

On demand loading

finalRender R3 offers an "On Demand Loading" feature that will only load 3D objects into memory when needed (seen) by the raytracer.  This feature alone can save an enormous amount of memory for the raytracer while processing large-scale scenes.

Memory Pool Recycling

Besides this nifty scene management, finalRender R3 also offers a mode where the user can "lock" the amount of memory that should be used at all times, regardless of the real amount needed to render a scene!  A user could decide to keep only 25 objects in memory and nothing more.  If the raytracer needs more memory, the least important 3D geometry is unloaded from memory first, and then the same pool of memory is reused.  This will make sure that no extra memory is allocated.

Advanced Proxy Stand-In Loading

finalRender R3 even goes one step further in handling large scale scenes!  By directly accessing the renderer core, one can use zero face, zero memory objects that will be later swapped with high poly meshes at render time.  Then, after rendering is done, this mesh will be fully unloaded from memory giving more space to other tasks.  By clever use of this feature it was possible for SCANLINE Production to render the impressive Stadium scene in the movie "Hero of the Gladiators".  In a 15-minute special effects sequence 10,000 Romans have been brought to life with finalRender and thinkingParticles!

Check out the image below  by clicking on it  to get a higher resolution view.

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