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finalRender R3


Introducing fR-Layer, a new material for finalRender aficionados!  fR-Layer unleashes the multilayered shading ability for 3ds Max.



fR-Layer is not just a simple blender composite material. With fR-Layer, 10 different blending modes are available that adjust mix amounts perfectly.  This is not as simple as just blending a couple of maps together.  fR-Layer will blend entire shaders as well as final shaders.  For example, this means you can blend fR-Carpaint with fR-fastSkin while having displacement on some maps and bump on others.  The combinations here are truly endless.   In addition, you can not only adjust how much each material mixes down to the next one, but you can also use a mask between materials that allows for even greater control.



fR-Layer is great for special effects materials as well as multilayered, physically correct shader buildings.  Some hyper-realistic skin or car shaders for example, may require 3 to 10 layers, building on each other.  These layers all have masks and blending modes to achieve the desired accuracy.



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