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finalRender R3


A true volumetric material ...

Did you ever play with marbles?  Sometimes, the replication of something, as simple as a "kids toy," can be very difficult.  Some of these marbles can have colorful sections inside the volume of the glass.  fR-Volumetric can not only be used to render such things as volumetric glass objects; it is a real volumetric ray marching rendering effect, that can be used to simulate blood or ink dripping into water, or a nebula in space.  Smoke or fire effects can also be created.  Thanks to the real 3D color gradient that is part of finalRender R3, you can create even more amazing volumetric material effects.

Another unique feature of fR-Volumetric is its "volumetric light emitting" option.  This lets you define the higher densities within the volume of the material, so that more light will be created internally.  One example of this effect can be seen below.


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