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finalRender™ 3.5 SE

Render Element Passes

3ds Max has a built-in limit of 32 Render Elements (RE) that can be created in one render.

finalRender 3.5 SE is the first rendering application to overcome this restriction, which enables even the largest scale movie productions to have reliable rendering output without limits.

Creating enormous amounts of complex frames is a huge task for any rendering pipeline. This is especially true considering the memory footprint of modern VFX scenes with thousands of objects and gigabytes of high-res textures.

Sending all this data to a render farm and rendering everything in 4k resolution requires maximum attention to detail and extremely efficient memory handling.

This is the reason that rendering an image in layers offers invaluable flexibility and control, especially as today's complex visual scenes often need to be broken down into multiple scenes and passes anyway.


Render Passes Dialog

What's the Idea?

Adding multiple passes, with specific RE per pass, easily overcomes the 32 RE limit of 3ds Max.

Another benefit of using Passes is that it reduces the memory footprint for every rendering pass and for the entire scene.


Adding hundreds of Settings by Hand?

One might think: who will ever need more than 32 RE? Setting up scenes with high RE requirements is a major headache, especially with a less than ideal UI.

finalRender 3.5 SE comes to the rescue by fully supporting MAXScript and RE Passes, along with the capability of setting each RE via MAXScript.

A simple MAXScript can now easily collect hundreds of objects, automatically place them in a separate RE, and adjust its settings at the same time. If anything changes, the script is re-run and the data readied for output to the render farm. 








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