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finalRender™ 3.5 SE

finalRender 3.5 and 3.5 SE comparison Table

         SE        Standard 
Render Core Yes Yes
Linear Workflow Yes Yes
Render Elements AA control Yes  
finalToon Yes Yes
PyroCluster Yes  
3D-Stereo Camera Yes Yes
Render Effects
Reinhard Tone Mapper Yes  
Object Types
fR-Scatter Yes Yes
fR-Proxy Yes Yes
fR-Ocean Yes  
Area Lights
Cylinder Light Yes Yes
Dome Light Yes Yes
Object Light Yes Yes
Particle Light Yes Yes
Rectangular Light Yes Yes
fR-2 Sided Yes Yes
fR-Advanced Yes Yes
fR-Architectural Yes Yes
fR-CarPaint Yes Yes
fR-CarPaint2 Yes  
fR-Dirt Yes Yes
fR-Fillet Yes Yes
fR-Glass Yes Yes
fR-Light Yes Yes
fR-Matte/Shadow Yes Yes
Matte/Shadow Self Shadows Yes  
No Shadows from other Mattes Yes  
fR-Metal Yes Yes
fR-MultiMtl Yes Yes
fR-Ocean Yes  
fR-Override Yes Yes
fR-RE Wrapper Yes  
fR-Skin Yes Yes
fR-Skin2 Yes  
fR-Volume Solid Yes  
fR-CD Yes  
fR-DistantFur Yes  
fR-Electron Yes  
fR-Elevation Yes  
fR-Fast Skin Yes  
fR-Ghost Yes  
fR-Layer Yes Yes
fR-ThinFilm Yes  
fR-Velvet Yes  
fR-Volumetric Yes Yes
fR-Wax Yes Yes
fR-Wet Yes  
fR-Wire Yes Yes
fR-X-Ray Yes  
Texture Maps
Bitmap HDR Yes Yes
fR-3D Gradient Yes  
fR-Ambient Occlusion Yes Yes
fR-Color-Correct Yes Yes
fR-Curvature Yes  
fR-DirtTex Yes Yes
fR-Layer Map Yes Yes
fR-Mesh Distance Yes  
fR-Multi/Sub Map Yes Yes
fR-PhysicalSky Yes Yes
fR-Raytrace Yes Yes
fR-Tension Yes  
Render Elements
fR AA Sampling Yes  
fR Alpha Yes Yes
fR Ambient Yes Yes
fR Ambient Occlusion Yes Yes
fR Caustics Yes Yes
fR Complete Yes  
fR Diffuse Yes Yes
fR Dirt Yes Yes
fR Global Illumination Yes Yes
fR Lighting Yes Yes
fR Material Yes  
fR Normal Yes Yes
fR Object-Material ID (Matte Options) Yes  
fR Reflection Yes Yes
fR Reflection (Alpha from Reflection switch)   Yes  
fR Refraction Yes Yes
fR Refraction (Alpha from Refraction switch)   Yes  
fR Self Illumination Yes Yes
fR Shadows Yes Yes
fR Speculars Yes Yes
fR Sub-Surface Scattering Yes Yes
fR Velocity Yes Yes
fR Vignetting Yes  
fR Z-Depth Yes Yes
Object Properties:Matte/Shadow
Matte/Shadow Self Shadows Yes  
No Shadows from other Mattes Yes  
Main Raytracer Dialog:Motion Blur
TM Sampling Yes  
Main finalRender Dialog
Render Element Passes Yes  


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