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thinkingParticles™ Classic

Advanced Real-time Dynamics Engine

thinkingParticles offers, for the first time, a true rigid body physics engine for accurate face-to-face collision detection.  In fact, thinkingParticles is the only particle system for 3ds Max with an integrated real-time physics engine.

What's the deal?

Why thinkingParticles?  There is already a dynamics engine that comes with 3ds Max.  However, this dynamics system is an isolated plug-in that has no way of interacting with other plug-ins, including the standard particle systems.  This is why thinkingParticles is so unique and outstanding from all other particle solutions available for 3ds Max.  thinkingParticles is the only rule based particle system offering a Real-time Dynamics engine for particles.  Classic dynamic engines as implemented in 3ds Max, do not allow the addition of objects to their dynamics world at a later time. This adding of objects is essential for a particle system, as you can easily imagine that new objects are "born" every frame, or even every sub frame.  All classic physics engines will fail in performing such a task.

Global Dynamic Properties

Fully procedural particle based mesh deformation is now a core part of the production proven thinkingParticles ShapeCollision engine.  For the first time in 3ds Max history, the user is able to create fully procedural particle based deformation simulations.

Click the image below to see the animation

Fast and highly Optimized Rigid Bodies

An impulse based physics engine approach has been implemented into thinkingParticles with full support of "changing worlds" while performing a dynamics simulation.  All dynamic events between particles are handled as non deforming inter-body (rigid body) collisions.  Per particle group parameters like Mass, Dynamic Friction, Static Friction and many other simulation dependent parameters can be easily adjusted.

Rule Based Dynamics! - Master of the Elements

thinkingParticles' physics engine supports real world parameters like mass and friction; it also allows, at the same time, full rule based control of a dynamics simulation!  An object may bounce around for some time - only controlled by the laws of physics - but at any time a rule may "jump" in and overwrite the laws of physics.  It is a unique approach to dynamic simulations in 3ds Max and offers a lot of potential.

Imagine a simulation of a breaking object with fragments bouncing around, and at some point, you want to set them free from any physical simulation constraints. This can be easily done with thinkingParticles, because at any time, any particle may be moved out of a physics simulation particle group.  Each "free" particle may then be modified or influenced by the standard tools in 3ds Max or thinkingParticles.

Recording a Simulation?

While thinkingParticles renders many dynamics simulations in real-time, there are always scenes that are too complex or just too heavy to do in real-time.  When you have finalized a ten thousand particle simulation setup, you may use the dynamics particle simulation recorder to record the dynamics simulation of the particles.  thinkingParticles will track all particle movement, along with shape changes and write them to a file.  This file can then be used to automatically replay the simulation, without the need of complex re-calculation, a feature that saves a lot of simulation time.

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