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thinkingParticles™ Classic

Rule-based Max Script support!

thinkingParticles offers full Max Script support through special operators. Max Script itself is very powerful and lets you create many amazing things. Together with thinkingParticles Max Script is even more powerful.


In the example "Wire Setup" shown above, we used a Distance operator to measure the distance between two nodes (any 3ds Max geometry). As soon as those two objects come close to each other a Max Script is executed.

As you can see in the second illustration, thinkingParticles supports two levels of Max Script execution. Every thinkingParticles node can become active or inactive (based on rules) and each level has a Max Script assigned to it. In this setup the MaxScript operator turns the Spot01 on when the distance is falling into a certain range.

On the other hand, whenever the Max Script operator becomes deactivated, another Max Script is executed. In our example the script just turns the light off again. This example of the spot light control was chosen because it is easy to understand. There is almost no restriction to how you can use Max Script with thinkingParticles. You can load a Max Script of any size into the relevant slots of thinkingParticles.

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